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Bangladesh Machine Tools Factory (BMTF) Ltd. is one of the largest company enterprise of its kind in Bangladesh. It is located at Gazipur about 40km away from Dhaka.

The factory has an area of 249.55 acres with a covered area of 60310sq meter. It was commissioned on 11th February 1979. BMTF is a state owned limited company under the management of Bangladesh Army.

BMTF is well equipped with variety of high production machineries & equipments for various engineering products. It has basic production facilities like casting, forging, machining, heat and surface treatment etc. It has thirteen large production shops along with administrative building, training school, residential area etc, within the complex.

This factory has enormous prospects to open up new avenues with products and services for local & foreign markets. Under the management of Bangladesh Army, BMTF is now reshaping itself to respond to the new challenges.


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