BMTF Forge Shop is a reputed brand in the country's forging industry. Since 1980 the shop has been producing quality products for the country. It engages in manufacturing and marketing of die, cold and open die, rolled ring forged and machined components. Our daily production capacity is approximately 10 tons. As we have grown exponentially over the years, we represent quality, dedication and innovation. Our forging process can produce parts with appropriate mechanical properties and we maintain strict quality control at every step. We look forward to a continuous and systematic development of our skills, processes and services to enable us long-term sustainability ensuring our customers’ satisfaction. Our production quality has been ISO 9001:2015 certified.


Aim of the Forging Shop is to manufacture products with the best quality of forging which enables us to expand our present market and open up new business opportunities thus help strengthen the national economy.

Manufacturing Equipments

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Hammer Machine

Our modern drop hammer machine provides a fast high-energy transfer of the force to forging works. We also have two forging dies that expedite the process.

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Press Machine

Our heavy press machine is able to do trimming, bending, punching, piercing and forming with great precision to meet our customer’s demand.

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Copy Milling

Our high-tech copy-milling machine exactly copies any job for forging work.


Our Client

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Dhaka Electric Supply Company Ltd.

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Bangladesh Railway

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Bangladesh Rural Electrification Board

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Pally Biddut Somity