Electronic Assembly Shop have 12,800 sq feet factory area & Apple Standard setup consisted with

Electronic Assembly Shop has huge space of electronics production to assemble various electronics products with multi product assembling line with seating capacities of 200+ manpower at a time.It has also fully equipped assembling & repair line. It has product transition area, incoming product storage area, and outgoing product storage area with 24-hour air-cooling system including modern warehouse for proper storage and preservation. Electronic Assembly Shop has Smart Card personalization Machines which has capacity to personalizing any kind of ID cards, banking cards etc.


We will provide high quality of electronic manufacturing services and individualized customer service, while encouraging employee creativity, motivation and teamwork in a continually improving environment. We will solve today's challenges and enable tomorrow’s technology.


Our mission is to manufacture electronic products for both domestic and international market by continually improving our process, utilizing quality practices, employee skill development that result in customer and employee satisfaction.




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